The Ultimate Camping Festival Checklist

So I have put together a comprehensive list of everything I need before I head off to Electric Picnic and I thought I would share it with you guys. This is a mixture of the obvious things, recommended items I've picked up from other checklists and my own personal experiences at camping festivals.

The List

  • The ticket: Because without this, everything else is irrelevant 
  • Money/ Bank cards
  • Camping equipment: This includes tent, ground covers and extra pegs
  • Sleeping bag & Sleeping mat: A sleeping bag is not enough, you need a base to protect you from literal ground. Nights are cold and damp no matter how hot it is during the day. Don't (like me) wake up saturated and freezing. Tip: Yoga mats are a ideal dupe for a sleeping mat.
  • Baby wipes: Necessary and will be used for EVERYTHING as well as substitute for showering
  • Towel
  • Torch: Because your tent does not magically light itself up at night, it's pitch black in there and a nightmare to try and find things. Also campsites are excessively large and potentially cruel places as is the forest. Also useful if you think you have found your tent but are not 100% sure.
  • Raincoat: Our climate. 
  • Batteries: This includes portable phone charges
  • Camera(s): So I bring a semi decent camera for the day photos and a party camera for when I find myself in situations where I will probably lose everything (i.e drunk)
  • Plastic Bags/ Bin Liners: useful for storing dirty (smelly) clothes but bin liners are also multipurpose. Use as a make shift rain poncho, rubbish bin, extra padding if cold at night or to sit on
  • Mirror: forget compacts, bring a face sized, slim mirror. Ladies: festival life changer. 
  • Folding chair & string: folding chairs are fantastic for during the day lounging around the campsite but odds are they well be robbed. Con potential thieves by knotting your chair to the leg of your tent with string. Not fool proof but definitely helps
  • Blanket: For picnics, for drinks, for warmth, as a pillow... so many uses. 
  • Clothes: Layers. Extra thick socks, leggings, tights, hoodies.... on top of your fabulous outfit of course 
  • Flip Flops: for those middle of the night toilet trips that do not require the trek of putting back on your wellies. Also for the early mornings where nothing is okay until you have hit up the fast food truck. 
  • Wellies: no matter how good the weather is, the ground come Sunday WILL BE DISGUSTING.
  • Water Bottle: A big water bottle to fill up and keep in your tent. You WILL be grateful in the morning. 
  • Toilet Rolls: Because we all know there will be none in the portaloos come Sunday
  • Hand Sanitiser: For when the taps become unappealing (vomit) and as a time saver.  
  • Bobby Pins: Because your hair will be unruly. 
  • Toiletries: Festival must have is dry shampoo. My favorite is Batiste and I bring a giant bottle because I have no intention of actually washing myself. I also bring moisturiser and make up wipes. 
  • Medicines: Painkillers! Also berocca boost and dioralyte are a good call. 
  • Alcohol: Bring it with you. There is nothing worse than running out. Remember you are not able to bring in glass bottles so if you are spirits person put into plastic bottles before you arrive. 
  • Party Phone: Because losing your iPhone just for some instagram snaps is NOT WORTH IT
  • Duct Tape: An absolute life saver if you realise your tent is not in fact entirely waterproof. Also useful for any wardrobe malfunctions. 

So I hope you enjoyed my ultimate festival checklist. Happy Camping!



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