An Electrifyng Picnic

Had a ball of a weekend at Electric Picnic Music and Arts Festival. It is so much more than a music festival in that it has so much to do and see. The Body & Soul has a real relaxed vibe with hammocks, massages and yoga going on all weekend. There is also an crafts centre, paintballing area, comedy tent, fun fair, circus, reggae area and forest rave and that is all before you even get to the music which included Arctic Monkeys, Fatboy Slim, Bjork, Disclosure and Hurts to name but a few. 

My highlights of the weekend were Johnny Marr and Disclosure.Disclosure are relatively new and I sort of consider them to be a hidden gem. They performed after Bjork on Saturday at midnight. The main stage emptied out after Bjork and we managed to get ridiculously close to the top of the stage. Never have I been more elated during an hour long set than I was at Disclosure. Opening with the infectious 'When a Fire Starts to Burn', I just let loose and danced the night away. I was so euphoric following the set that I was buzzed until four in the morning from the adrenaline. Disclosure really know how to play to the crowd and its exciting to see a dance act not just hunched over laptops and turn tables but playing several different instruments each live as well as providing some vocals. 
American Apparel Dress
Topshop Crop Top
Penneys Bracelets
Hurts Live
Me (Right): Vintage Levis Jacket
American Apparel Dress
Hunter Wellies
Local Lads - The Strypes 
Debut Album Out This Week! And they are all under 18
The Strypes provided a fantastically theatrical performance. These young Irish boys have all the moves. Reminiscenet of an early Beatles, they took to stage in suits and shades. Their youth is pushed aside when they start playing, they are VERY talented and entertaining. The theatrics commenced with a bowler hat and cloaked Paul Weller sauntered on stage to introduce them naming them 'the most important band in Ireland.' The drama continued in the vein of a lot of hair swinging, jumping from the drums podium and casual chats amongst each other on stage. It could be argued that the band focus on style over substance, but luckily for them they have just enough talent to sustain the gimmicks. Let's hope they calm down the theatrics before they become inbearable. Blue Collar Jane is a gem and a real highlight.
Living Legend Johnny Marr
 I am a bit of a cliche in that I only went to Johnny Marr's gig in the hopes of him playing some Smiths songs and boy was I not disappointed. It seems I wasn't the only one. The crowd lost their minds whenever the familiar riff of a Smiths song flooded through the Electric tent. Just about coping with the euphoria of hearing 'How Soon is Now' performed by Marr himself, the delighted crowd applauded Marr assuming that was the last song. But instead Johnny thanked the crowd and stated 'f**k everyone else' and launched into 'There is a Light that will Never Go Out.' It sort of felt like taking in a piece of music history. Marr knows what the festival crowd want and doesn't mind giving them it at the expense of his solo material. 
Me Right: Topshop Sunnies


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  2. You look really yummy wearing your shiny Wellies but I bet they didn't stay shiny very long.

  3. This looks amazing, I've never heard of this festival but now I soo want to go!

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