Help me Lose my Mind (Disclosure Gig Review)

I wanted to write a mini review of the concert I went to last week. Disclosure performed in the Olympia in Dublin as part of Heineken's highly successful 'live project.' For this reason, tickets were free and therefore like golddust. They sold out in four minutes. I was very lucky to procure a ticket last minute but the atmosphere at this gig was unbelievable. Mainly because I think everyone felt intrinsically lucky and happy to be there. 

 In theory I should not like Disclosure. On the cover, they are an electro pop / dance duo which is quite opposite to what I would look for in a band description. But i think there is a huge difference between generic 'charting' dance music and well written dance music like Disclosures. They are not afraid of making mellow songs, in fact most of the album is surprisingly chilled. With colllaborations on the album from the likes of Ed MacFarlane (of Friendly Fires fame), Eliza Doolittle, London Grammar, Jamie Woon, Jessie Ware and Alunageorge it was bound to be very promising and the album feels amazingly like a cohesive whole despite numerous collaborative tracks. 

The 18 and 21 year old siblings opened with the infectious 'When a Fire Starts to Burn' followed by the sultry 'F for You,' one of the few songs sung by Disclosure themselves which is just as excellent as all of their collaborative tracks. 'White Noise' blew the roof off and with 'Latch' closing the show, everyone was thoroughly satisfied. They are excellent to see live as they play most of their instruments live and do not just mindlessly play pre recorded backing tracks which is a testament to them (see their mini rebellion against a music festival not allowing them to play live here). They played for an hour and a half which was more than eniugh time considering we were all knackered afterwards!
My friend Fago and I at Disclosure
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