We arrived in Trinity for Graduation and had our photos taken before heading to the gorgeous Exam Hall for the ceremony. The ceremony was all in Latin and included a rambunctious organ player. All the graduates were escorted out of the hall and across Front Square as we took our first steps as college graduates. 

Following this there was a brief reception in the Dining Hall (with not nearly enough wine) and then my family and I went for drinks and dinner. Had a gorgeous meal in Fade Street Social before being reunited with my class in the Shelbourne and heading on to Odessa for the rest of the night. 

In Ireland there is a very bizarre and antiquated tradition regarding female graduates and the graduating cap. In Ireland, the men do not get caps. The women are automatically given caps and according to history they were to symbolise the 'capping' of a women's education (because OBVIOUSLY they would have to go to the home then and have babies). You can obviously decline to wear the caps on the day and for me I guess they make zero sense as I have not 'capped' my education and am still in college. I was thinking about it a lot in the weeks running up to it and decided I wanted to have my opportunity to wear the cap and have the 'cap throwing' picture and full garb. Plus I think my Mum would have been upset! I am aware of the implications and I think that is most important. 

Had a nightmare finding a dress. I had seen the Madison Dark Bloom dress online but was afraid to invest. After a tumultous and fruitless shopping expedition, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. The dress is by Maurie & Eve, an Austrailian Designer and I bought it from Nasty Gal. Despite a shocking import tax, I absolutely adored it and got loads of compliments on the day. I borrowed shoes and got my make up done in MAC

All in all it was an amazing day and I am so grateful to my parents for supporting me and getting me there (sappy moment over.)


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