Meet That Red Dress

A  second hand 90's velvet, red, clingy maxi dress I bought on a whim for about €50. Does not look like much on the hanger but is quite striking on. It is fitted, high necked and full length with sleeves as well as a slit up to the knee and cut out on the shoulders. What is so special about This Red Dress. Probably nothing much. And yet it is special for me. This red dress encapsulates my motivation to get up off my backside and accomplish something.

I bought the dress on a great small Irish vintage website called 9 Crow Street when I was feeling a little bit down. As soon as I saw it I knew I would not be able to wear it tomorrow without suffocating myself in seven pairs of spanx and yet I did not care. I thought it was beautiful.

And so I have set myself a goal.  By March 26th I hope to have finally got my blog up and running (by this I mean actually maintaining and committing to blogging), I hope to have developed a healthier attitude towards food and have become capable of jogging for longer than thirty seconds. I want to utilise my time rather than loiter around facebook and watch entire seasons of American T.V shows completely irrelevant to my life (Game of Thrones how are ya). All in all I am trying to commit to a long overdue eradication of laziness and achieve a lifestyle overhaul.

All this is why no one in the world will see me in That Red Dress until March 26th. This is the day of the Apollo Ball, a university ball that I have attended for the past two years and something I look forward to eternally. By that date I hope to slip on That Red Dress feeling healthier and more accomplished than ever. And hopefully this blog will be a motivation in itself.

So there's a goal and the beginning of what I hope to be a personal style blog for anyone who may stumble across it and a lifestyle change for myself.

Oh and this is me. In what I consider to be a hysterical headdress.Hello.



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