A Night On the Town

For my friends 21st we went out last night. I had not been all dressed up and in an actual nightclub in a while. Now I would much prefer to go have cocktails in a bar or drinks at a friends house rather than go out any day but I do enjoy a good dance now and again. However going out clothes usually challenge me. I find it quite difficult to put together outfits that a dressy enough, flattering and synonymous with my style all at the same time.
Me (Right)
Blazer: Topshop
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Zara (Close Up Here)
(I am also wearing 1D stickers on my top. Don't ask)

Last night I wore mainly black with a few spots of colour. I bought my neon pink skirt in Urban Outfitters on sale when I was in Boston over the summer. I would never normally wear pink and now that I think about it, I think this may be the only pink item that I own!! However I loved the fluorescence of it and the shape its so flattering. It is also lovely and soft and easy to wear as well. It cinches in at the waist nicely which I always appreciate. The blazer I am also living in. It is a wonderful shape and I picked it up in the Topshop January sale. I always think a staple black blazer is a necessary wardrobe item and I did not have a nice one for a long time so delighted with this.

My top is actually my sisters (who is fourteen). Don't ask me how I fit in it because I don't know. I thinks its a big size but no one need know that. It is a plain black bandeau with straps but has nice bow detailing on the back.When on it looks like four bows, very cute!

Apologies for the photo quality. I did not have time to grab a snapshot of my outfit myself. I am with my good friend Deirdre here and her wonderful burgundy skirt is from Penneys (Primark). Looks much more expensive!

I bought this bag for my sister for Christmas and I love it so much that I have worn it out probably more times than her! She is good to me (well she owes me for CONSTANTLY robbing my stuff)

Bag: Aldo

The obvious highlight of the night was the One Direction birthday cake that came with stickers. I have Harry and Louis' faces stuck on my chest in case you were wondering. Forgot about them and ended up wearing them all night!
 And here is me eating Louis' face. (And unfortunately I feel that this is the closest I will ever get to actually eating his face)


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