My Beef with Style Magazine

I would consider myself a regular reader of the Sunday Times Style Magazine and like it a lot. I usually enjoy their articles, love their quirky covers and specifically the fashion pages. However, lately, I feel that the magazine is suffering lack of style and I am usually left uninspired and can finish reading it in less than ten minutes.

I think it says something about a magazine when my favourite pages in the publication are the last two i.e the horoscopes, the Mrs. Mills column (which is I admit getting old) and the usually highly entertaining 'What are you wearing' column.

As I said I had been thinking this for a while, but this weeks issue really put the nail in the coffin for me. Instead of using the cute and striking pictures of the interesting and very stylish Irish playwright that they had interviewed inside, Style magazine tried to reel me in with hailing the latest fad diet. For a magazine associated with fashion, food, interiors and culture, it was obviously scraping the barrel trying to attract readership this issue. They also tried to sell fasting to me.

Fasting for two days a week? Er, nah.

As well as the usual inaccessibility of most of the clothes suggested on the fashion pages Style Magazine were also trying to inform me of upcoming Spring trends.


I don't care who is wearing it. I do not care what designer is plugging it. You will never ever get me to wear a skirt over trousers.

That, is never ever ever going to happen. Like ever. (This is exhausting).

The food and home pages are still great but unfortunately I am not a cook nor am I or my family redesigning  the house and I am aware and understand that they are trying to appeal to a large demographic of ages BUT Style Magazine I would really enjoy some more style please. Please refer back to your bumper issues of 2011 that were fantastic!

The highlight of this issue was the lovely lady on the 'What are you wearing'' column who I thought was surprisingly well dressed.

You go Girlo. 


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