Doing Dinner

 Blazer: Topshop
Top: Naked Zebra
Leggings: Penneys (Primark)
Flatforms: River Island
Gold Collar: The V&A Museum, London

Wore this out to dinner the other night with the family. I just love how elegant the flatforms look and the little bit of height they give and obviously they are so COMFORTABLE. I am a bit wobbly on them though as I am not used to wearing that shape. I also lost one of them on my way up the stairs of the library in college, a not so Cinderella moment. In fact, I just caused a bit of a two way stairs traffic jam. And everyone saw my see through granny socks. 

The collar is from the Fashion shop in the V&A Museum in London. I was not really falling into the whole 'collar' trend UNTIL I SAW THIS. It turns out to be really uncomfortable to wear and a bit awkward. It's really heavy and makes indents where it hits your skin. Still looks great on a plain outfit and especially with collared shirts. However, I am starting to think maybe since I bought it in a museum that its not meant to be worn and is infact just a decorative piece....... But I obviously don't care and shall perservere and wear it anyway. 

I actually picked this top up in SoHo in New York which sounds very glamourous but it clearly was not as I can not for the life of me remember the name of the store. 

Bag: Penneys (Primark)

I picked this up in Penneys the other day for about thirteen euro which I thought was great. I debated for a good ten minutes whether to buy this colour or the turquoise. In the end I thought I would get more wear out of this. Thought it would go lovely with above outfit. 

So I am doing a 'Street Style' photo shoot tomorrow morning with Stellar Magazine for their next issue (again NOT as glamorous as it sounds). Still I am delighted for the opportunity and experience. As soon as it comes out I will post the pics and all the stories behind the scenes. Its already been stressful just getting to this point so lets hope it all goes smoothly tomorrow. 


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