Shoe Binge

Although I have done very well in the January sales, I came to realise I had my sights firmly set on shoes for some reason. So four pairs of shoes have been bought in the last two weeks but I would like to justify all my purchases to my best friend who thinks I have a problem.

Shoe 1: The necessary sturdy black boot 
Black Boots: Equipet

I love the equestrian look and have wanted a pair of boots like these for a while. However, all Topshop or Office versions seem to be at least in the €90-€120 range for good quality boots. I believe I am a genius. I was in Equipet (A large pet store chain) in my local town and came across these bad boys. REAL equestrian boots y'all. As you can imagine they are incredibly sturdy and wonderfully comfortable (feels like slipping your feet into padded cushions) and at a quarter of the price of their Topshop counterparts (36€!!) I think I struck gold. The only downside I have with them is that they are not the greatest shoes for elongating your legs but the comfort alone means I will be wearing little else during my college days. Also ZERO pain running them in (I usually have fierce bad luck with painful new shoes for the first few weeks). 

A Justified Purchase: YES.

Shoe 2: The Sophisticated Flatform

Flatforms: River Island

I've wanted a pair of flatforms for a while but kept missing out on the Office ones. I always get a sturdy pair of boots and live in them right through winter, spring and our lovely Irish summer. This year I wanted a nice elegant shoe with a bit of height that weren't quite heeled boots that I usually go for. Ello Flatform. Love these to bits. They give the effect of a heel from the front so you get the benefit of long, skinny legs with the comfort of flats. These are actually the nicest flatforms I have come across. I love the quilted effect and the gold panel at the back is just a bonus for a girl who loves gold.

Justified: I think so!

Shoe 3: The Elegant Pointed Flat

Pointed Flat: Topshop

Ah the benefits of waiting for the sale. Wanted these for a while. Managed to resist buying them for about 37 pounds and they were reduced to 10 in the sale. Jackpot. I thought these were also lovely and elegant and perfect for dressing up an outfit for dinner or an event that is not quite dressy enough for heels. Only downside is I do not like them with tights but they look great with skinny leggings, trousers or jeans. 

Justified: Just About

Shoe 3: The Badass Heel

 Burgundy & Black Suede Heels: Zara

These are a tad grubby already as they have been worn three times by both myself and my sister. They are absolutely fantastic on and picked them up at half price in Zara sale. I had wandered in specifically looking for heels on Stephen's Day (Boxing Day) because I love Zara heels. Saw a women holding these and fell in love (with the shoes not the woman). She looked indecisive so I stood and stared at her until she hesitantly put them down. As soon as her hand left them I lunged for them and ran. She was not impressed. 

Justified: You never need to justify a pair of badass heels. 


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